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The GTI for customer sport






Yes. The Golf GTI TCR is basically available in two versions when it leaves the factory. You can choose between a version with a sequential racing gearbox (SEQ) and a variant with a production-based direct shift gearbox (DSG). Please note: We only recommend DSG for endurance races.

Golf GTI TCR with sequential gearbox:
115,000 Euro plus VAT per race car

 Golf GTI TCR with direct shift gearbox (only recommended for endurance races):
 95,000 Euro plus VAT per race car

For each new Golf GTI TCR race car, the one-off opportunity exists to purchase three starter packages at a special rate*.

  • “Basic Tools”
  • “Front Brakes”
  • “Rims”

*When enquiring about a Golf GTI TCR race car, the packages and prices will be presented to you accordingly.

If you wish to order a Golf GTI TCR, please send us an E-mail at: sales(at)volkswagen-motorsport.com.

We will then contact you as soon as possible.

Yes. You can find a complete overview of the kits in the technical brochure.

As a new customer (purchaser of a Golf GTI TCR race car)...

...we activate our spare parts catalogue for you. As the logistics of spare parts is looked after by CUPRA Racing, you will be contacted by CUPRA Racing regarding the registration process.

Please note that the registration period may take up to six weeks. Until your registration is successfully completed, the ordering of spare parts will be processed through Volkswagen Motorsport GmbH. To do so, please send us an E-mail at sales(at)volkswagen-motorsport.com.

As an existing customer …

… you will receive an E-mail with access and a link to the secure login area for our online shop. When you log in with your contact data, you can access the online catalogue.

Please understand that we can only accept payment in advance for the sale of cars and spare parts.

The delivery time for the cars is agreed on an individual basis and depends on the time of order and general demand. For more information, please contact us by E-mail at sales(at)volkswagen-motorsport.com.

The car is handed over exclusively at Volkswagen Motorsport GmbH:

Ikarusallee 7a
30179 Hannover, Germany

The data logger (EVO5) must be purchased independently from Memotec. However, Volkswagen Motorsport does offer a “Scrutineering Data Logger Support” for simpler installation, which, upon request, can already be installed before the car is delivered.

No. There are currently no plans to make a tuning kit available.


As either a new or existing customer, you can download the “Race Report” form under “Car Service” on the download page of the online catalogue. Please complete this form and send it to our technicians.

You can find technical data and other detailed information in the Technology Brochure, which you can download here as a PDF. Furthermore, all customers receive access to all the latest technical notes, documentation and information required to handle a Golf GTI TCR in the online shop.

You can find a complete overview of the individual components on pages 18 and 19 of the technical brochure.

Technical support

Yes. We offer all new customers a technical introduction with our engineers when they collect their car. This usually lasts 30 to 90 minutes. All customers also receive a detailed user manual in paper form and on a USB data storage medium.

No. Volkswagen Motorsport does not offer general spare part support. Please check, for each respective series, whether or not our Volkswagen partners sell spare parts at the racetrack. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by E-mail at: sales(at)volkswagen-motorsport.com.

There will be support with technical questions at selected races. Contact partners will be available on site for this purpose.

Contact Persons
Juliane Gründl
Head of Sales, Customer Sport
Eduard J. Weidl
Technical Project Leader TCR
Arne Sohnemann
Marketing TCR