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Friday, 30-08-2019 ID.R

A Simulation like none before

How the ID.R set-up for the drive in China was prepared

A venture into uncharted territory on Tianmen Mountain – Romain Dumas (F) will make a record attempt with the fully-electric Volkswagen ID.R on ‘Heaven’s Gate Mountain’ on 02 September. The 99 turns, which have not been driven at this pace before, are still completely unknown in the motorsport world. Since no data record of the route was available and no data could be gathered via test drives with the ID.R on Tianmen Mountain, simulations have played an important role – but not in the familiar manner of the driving simulator. The set-up of the ID.R took place on the basis of a purely technically created simulation, with which the computer took over the main work.

“The record attempt in China on Tianmen Mountain is a very special technical and sporting challenge,” says Francois-Xavier Demaison, Technical Director of Volkswagen Motorsport. “Nowadays, it’s normal in motorsport to be able to access very accurate data in order to perform detailed simulations, optimise the vehicle set-up and give the driver an opportunity to learn the track. However, since the Tianmen road is not usually accessible and we did not have any usable data, we had to take our own different path to prepare as best we could and collect, process and evaluate the data ourselves.”