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Monday, 11-11-2019 GermanyID.R

Thrilling online finale

GT racing driver Gassner wins the finale of the “ID.R RaceRoom Challenge”

Thrilling racing action in the virtual challenge with the Volkswagen ID.R: in the finale of the ‘ID.R RaceRoom Challenge’, Marc Gassner (D) of the Williams JIM Esports team prevailed against competitors from seven nations. The world premiere of the real Volkswagen ID.R at the end of April marked the occasion for the preliminary round in which the participants were able to qualify for the finale with a hot-lap on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. A total of 11,128 sim racers from all around the world participated, among them drivers of the best professional sim racing teams – the fastest ten qualified for the final stage.

In the finale, the fastest driver in the virtual ID.R was determined in a three-part competition. In the first part, all ten drivers drove one lap at a time on the Nordschleife. Gassner secured first place with a time of 6:01.517 minutes. The participants then competed against each other in two ten-minute races on the Grand Prix circuit of the traditional course in the Eifel. 28-year-old Gassner finished second in both races. Florian Hasse (D) and Julian Kunze (D) of the Euronics Gaming team each clinched a victory and completed the podium with second and third in the overall rankings.