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It's snow time
Thursday, 07-03-2019 SwedenMore Motorsport

With Benny Leuchter at the Volkswagen Driving Experience

Over 90,000 lakes and predictably cold winters: for decades, the engineers of the automotive industry have undertaken tests in the far north of Sweden on vast frozen waterways in extreme climactic conditions. So why not offer the same winter training for drivers here as well, asked the Volkswagen Driving Experience a few years ago. We were at the scene on the Arvidsjaursjön lake, where we met instructor Benny Leuchter, who the rest of the time can be found behind the wheel of a Golf GTI TCR as the only German driver in the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup.

“Our training is geared towards learning that the car does exactly what you want, and not the other way around.”
Benny Leuchter, Sebastién Loeb Racing