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Wednesday, 29-05-2019 AustriaMore Motorsport

The lake is calling

Volkswagen at the GTI meet at the Wörthersee

When the otherwise peaceful shores of a lake in Carinthia are all of a sudden flooded with thousands of vehicles, while more than 100,000 visitors with happy faces populate the Maria Wörth community and, moreover, the day is Ascension Day, then petrol-heads know immediately what’s going on: the GTI meet at – of course – Wörthersee! From 29 May to 1 June 2019, it begins again in Reifnitz (A): the roar of engines and one big party in front of the idyllic Alpine panorama.

The legendary event at Wörthersee is the largest GTI meet in the world and is absolutely unique. What started in 1982 with around 100 fans now attracts thousands of international visitors to Wörthersee. Almost 8,000 vehicles brought the lake to a simmer last year, and the 38th Wörthersee Treffen will once more be a major automotive festival in the spirit of the three magical letters.