V is for Volkswagen

The most essential Formula Vee and Formula Super Vee racing cars.


The range of Formula Vee 1300 racing cars available in Europe was rather limited to begin with, but from 1967 the number of models began to grow continually. Interested parties could choose from among a dozen constructors and get a ready-to-race car for between 10,000 and 12,000 Deutschmarks (≈ £4,200 to £5,100). Ten years later, however, the 50 horsepower delivered by the 1300 VW Beetle engines had almost doubled, as had the overall price.

Formula Super Vee 1600 was launched in Europe with half a dozen chassis manufacturers. In 1971, the inaugural year, there was already a wide selection available for around 15,000 Deutchmarks (≈ £6,400). Soon after, the major British racing car constructors also got in on the act and the acquisition costs and engine performance grew in step with each other until they reached the pain barrier. In 1982, the final year of Super Vee, the top-of-the-range cars cost upwards of 40,000 Deutschmarks (≈ £17,000).

Formula Vee 1300 (from 1963 USA, from 1965 Europe)

Formula Super Vee (from 1970 USA, from 1971 Europe)