2012 Season

There could only be one.


A great stage: 2012 once again saw the Scirocco R-Cup featuring in the supporting programme of the most popular international touring car series, the DTM. It was an impressive backdrop, and not only for the talent. In addition, all the races were broadcast live in a number of countries – a clear sign that the Scirocco R-Cup concept has really taken off. On the programme in 2012 were ten races at eight events. From the very beginning there was one highlight in particular: the Swede Ola Nilsson won the season in masterful style with an almost 200-point advantage over the driver in second place overall, but that didn’t detract from the thrilling action on the racing tracks. If nothing else, the celebrity guest drivers treated spectators to some tough fights and top entertainment. Motor sport legends like Damon Hill, Mika Salo and Christian Danner also climbed into the cockpit, as did ski jumping star Sven Hannawald and footballer Karl-Heinz Riedle. In their case, it wasn’t really about results: Markus Winkelhock was the only celebrity to win a race, but everyone nonetheless had a lot of fun ...

HOCKENHEIM season start


Ex-Formula 1 driver Mika Salo drove with the bit between his teeth – and still ended up being narrowly beaten by the Swede Ola Nilsson. With just half a second separating them, the two rivals stormed across the finish line in the opening event of the season in the Volkwagen Scirocco R-Cup at the Hockenheimring. The German Jann-Hendrik Ubben secured third place.


In glorious sunshine, the spectators were treated to everything that makes the one-make cup event so exciting, including thrilling wheel-on-wheels duels, numerous overtaking manoeuvres and pure racing action. Nilsson took advantage of pole position and initially put some distance between him and the rest of the field, yet it wasn’t long before Salo was breathing down his neck. These two top drivers were engaged in a terrific battle, but Nilsson kept a cool head and remained in the lead until the end of the race.


There was also plenty happening further back in the field: Marc Surer, TV commentator with Sky, skidded into the barrier following a jostle with another car. Fortunately, the Swiss-born driver was unhurt. It goes without saying that race winner Nilsson was in celebratory mood after the race: ‘A brilliant start to the season. I had a great start and was fortunately able to keep Mika Salo behind me until the end. It was a fantastic battle and it is a proud achievement to keep such a great driver behind me. There are quite a few drivers who are capable of winning this season, but I am clearly focused on the championship.’

Hockenheim (GER) 27 April – 28 April 2012, Results

Position Driver (Nation) Time Laps
1 Ola Nilsson (SWE) 21:58.510 11
2 Mika Salo (FIN) 21:59.063 11
3 Jann-Hendrik Ubben (GER) 22:02.525 11
4 Dennis Trebing (USA) 22:03.496 11
5 Moritz Oestreich (GER) 22:06.430 11
6 Adam Gladysz (POL) 22:07.262 11
7 Jakub Litwin (POL) 22:14.878 11
8 Berke Bayindir (TUR) 22:17.101 11
9 Fabian Danz (SUI) 22:17.717 11
10 Rasmus Marthen (SWE) 22:25.455 11
11 Kasper Jensen (DEN) 22:25.734 11
12 Christofer Berckhan-Ramirez (MEX) 22:26.357 11
13 Matthias Bäurler (GER) 22:28.777 11
14 Eric van der Pole (BEL) 22:35.059 11
15 Michelle Gatting (DEN) 22:35.713 11
16 Oshan Kothadiya (IND) 22:42.833 11
17 Kenneth Kröpfl (GER) 22:44.344 11
18 Jan-Frank Kasten (GER) 22:44.535 11
19 Manuel Fahnauer (GER) 22:47.035 11
20 Lukas Schreier (GER) 22:48.017 11
21 Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky (SWE) 22:51.326 11
22 Tim Westermann (GER) 24:08.100 11
Not classified Jonas Giesler (GER) 10:12.071 5
Not classified Marc Surer (SUI)    
Not classified Patrick Eisemann (GER)    



Markus Winkelhock got everything out of his 285 hp Scirocco R and sped across the finish line with a seven-second advantage. In the second race of the Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup at the Lausitzring, a legendary starter secured a win for the first time in the event’s history. The former DTM star was overjoyed: ‘The entire weekend was brilliant: second place in training, pole position in qualifying and victory at the end of it all. I felt comfortable in the Scirocco from the very start. My father won his first race in the Scirocco Cup 35 years ago – now everything has come full circle,’ quipped the touring car veteran.


Jann-Hendrik Ubben secured second place ahead of the Pole Adam Gladysz. Ubben got off to a blistering start and was even able to get in front of Winkelhock for a short time, but the latter struck back a little while later and raced past Ubben with the help of the push-to-pass button (which activates an additional 50 hp). There were also thrilling duels unfolding in the middle of the field: lap after lap, Matthias Lauda showed the attacking American Dennis Trebing his rear lights. The son of the triple Formula 1 champion Niki Lauda ultimately finished in ninth place. The two former DTM drivers Kurt Thiim and Klaus Niedzwiedz also gave each other a run for their money, although the Dane Thiim edged ahead at the end to finish in twelfth place.


Ola Nilsson only managed fourth place in the Lausitzring, surrendering the lead in the championship – keeping it tense in the battle to be crowned Scirocco R-Cup winner!

Lausitzring (D) 04 May – 05 May 2012, Results

Position Driver (Nation) Time Laps
1 Markus Winkelhock (GER) 24:21.006 15
2 Jann-Hendrik Ubben (GER) 24:27.726 15
3 Adam Gladysz (POL) 24:29.170 15
4 Ola Nilsson (SWE) 24:32.018 15
5 Moritz Oestreich (GER) 24:33.661 15
6 Berke Bayindir (TUR) 24:38.165 15
7 Kasper Jensen (DEN) 24:38.681 15
8 Jakub Litwin (POL) 24:39.859 15
9 Mathias Lauda (AUT) 24:39.977 15
10 Dennis Trebing (USA) 24:41.152 15
11 Jonas Giesler (GER) 24:42.830 15
12 Kurt Thiim (DEN) 24:44.321 15
13 Klaus Niedzwiedz (GER) 24:51.270 15
14 Fabian Danz (SUI) 24:52.487 15
15 Christofer Berckhan Ramirez (MEX) 24:53.776 15
16 Christian Gebhardt (GER) 24:54.395 15
17 Matthias Bäurle (GER) 24:58.987 15
18 Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky (SWE) 25:00.308 15
19 Kenneth Kröpfl (GER) 25:03.458 15
20 Jan-Frank Kasten (GER) 25:08.938 15
21 Lukas Schreier (GER) 25:11.850 15
22 Patrick Eisemann (GER) 25:16.083 15
23 Oshan Kothadiya (IND) 25:18.308 15
Not classified Manuel Fahnauer (GER) 22:12.093 13
Not classified Michelle Gatting (DEN) 22:34.579 13
Not classified Rasmus Marthen (SWE) 3:45.953 1

Brands Hatch


Celebrity alert at the third season of the VW Scirocco R-Cup at Brands Hatch in 2012! Motor sport legends like Damon Hill, Mark Blundell and Perry ‘The Stig’ McCarthy proudly did the honours on the traditional British circuit. However, it was none of the ‘old hands’ doing the running, but a young Swede: Ola Nilsson (25) repeated his previous year’s victory and regained the lead in the world championship. Jonas Giesler and Jann-Hendrik Ubben finished in second and third place respectively.


Damon Hill, who came up trumps with a best time in training, was forced to retire early after a collision. The 1996 Formula 1 champion was a good sport about it all: ‘Even though I was unfortunate in the race itself, it was fantastic to mark my return to motor sport here at Brands Hatch in the Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup.’


The winner Nilsson was also thrilled: ‘A fantastic feeling. I love coming to Brands Hatch. The track simply suits me. And it was really important to be on the first row of the grid. Besides the win, it is a great honour to drive in England with legends like Damon Hill and Mark Blundell. You don’t get that in any other racing series for young drivers around the world.’

Brands Hatch (UK) 18 May – 19 May 2012, Results

Position Driver (Nation) Time Laps
1 Ola Nilsson (SWE) 22.05.848 25
2 Jonas Giesler (GER) 22.08.896 25
3 Jann-Hendrik Ubben (GER) 22.09.587 25
4 Moritz Oestreich (GER) 22.09.641 25
5 David Brabham (GBR) 22.11.702 25
6 Mark Blundell (GBR) 22.15.882 25
7 Christopher Berckhan-Ramirez (MEX) 22.16.821 25
8 Adam Gladysz (POL) 22.18.027 25
9 Jakub Litwin (POL) 22.19.701 25
10 Martin Donnelly (IRL) 22.20.712 25
11 Kasper H. Jensen (DEN) 22.23.209 25
12 B. Bayındır (TUR) 22.23.233 25
13 Fabian Danz (CH) 22.24.379 25
14 Dennis Trebing (USA) 22.24.653 25
15 Rasmus Mårthen (SWE) 22.24.916 25
16 Manuel Fahnauer (GER) 22.26.055 25
17 Kenneth Kröpfl (GER) 22.29.605 25
18 Oshan Kothadiya (IND) 22.31.733 25
19 Michele Gatting (DEN) 22.37.790 25
20 Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky (SWE) 22.39.571 25
21 Perry McCarthy (GBR) 22.46.262 25
22 Jan-Frank Kasten (GER) 22.56.268 25
23 Julian Bailey (GBR) 22.56.513 25
24 Patrick Eisemann (GER) 22.58.033 25
Not classified Matthias Bäurle (GER) - 15
Not classified Damon Hill (GBR) - 7



Ola Nilsson was ‘halfway stage champion’ in the 2012 Scirocco R-Cup! The Swede looked impressive in the Austrian city of Spielberg and had cause for a double celebration, winning both the Saturday and Sunday race. From eighth position on the starting grid, Nilsson set off on a furious pursuit, ploughing through the field to finish first and relegating Dennis Trebing (USA) and Lukas Schreier (D) to second and third place respectively. After five out of ten races, Nilsson extended his lead in the championship to 92 points, ahead of the Pole Adam Gladysz.

It was all happening at the Red Bull Ring in Styria: in the eleventh lap of Sunday’s race, four vehicles crashed while braking on the first bend. Embroiled in the accident was a group of drivers battling it out for fourth place, including Berke Bayindir, Fabian Danz, Jakub Litwin, Kasper Jensen and Moritz Oestreich. The latter had also been involved in a brilliant pursuit of his own, having started in 21st place. The man from Duisburg ultimately finished in fifth position.


Winter sport in Spielberg

This time, the Legends classification was all about the German and Austrian winter sport stars. Local matador Thomas Morgenstern emerged victorious in the four-way battle: the eight-time ski jumping world champion and triple Olympic winner finished in a respectable 14th place, staying ahead of Four Hills Tournament winner Sven Hannawald (19th), ex-ski racer Frank Wörndl (22nd) and multiple ski jump world champion and Olympic winner Andreas Kofler (23rd).

Man of the race, however, was Ola Nilsson, giving him a very good chance of winning the Scirocco R-Cup title after his double victory: ‘That was a simply fantastic weekend for me! The race today was perfect. I used my push-to-pass system at the very start in order to move up through the field as quickly as possible. As a result, I went from my eighth starting place to third position pretty early on. Lukas and Dennis had a strong race in front of me, so I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to overtake them. The fact that I managed it in the end is of course all the more pleasing,’ said the Swede delightedly.

Spielberg (AUT) 01 June – 03 June 2012, Results Race 1

Position Driver (Nation) Time Laps
1 Ola Nilsson (SWE) 24:06.145 12
2 Adam Gladysz (POL) 24:15.614 12
3 Kasper Jensen (DEN) 24:15.863 12
4 Jakub Litwin (POL) 24:15.885 12
5 Dennis Trebing (USA) 24:16.692 12
6 Fabian Danz (SUI) 24:17.331 12
7 Berke Bayindir (TUR) 24:17.686 12
8 Lukas Schreier (GER) 24:19.070 12
9 Jonas Giesler (GER) 24:19.354 12
10 Rasmus Marthen (SWE) 24:20.174 12
11 Michelle Gatting (DEN) 24:21.618 12
12 Manuel Fahnauer (GER) 24:22.088 12
13 Christofer Berckhan Ramirez (MEX) 24:22.475 12
14 Thomas Morgenstern (AUT) 24:23.753 12
15 Oshan Kothadiya (IND) 24:24.087 12
16 Kenneth Kröpfl (GER) 24:28.440 12
17 Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky (SWE) 24:30.427 12
18 Patrick Eisemann (GER) 24:36.619 12
19 Sven Hannawald (GER) 24:39.369 12
20 Jan-Frank Kasten (GER) 24:39.927 12
21 Sepp Wiegand (GER) 24:54.105 12
22 Frank Wörndl (GER) 25:03.528 12
23 Andreas Kofler (AUT) 25:13.793 12
24 Jann-Hendrik Ubben (GER) 25:16.286 12
25 Moritz Oestreich (GER) 21:08.106 10
Not classified Matthias Bäurle (GER) 1:59.526 1

Spielberg (AUT) 01 June – 03 June 2012, Results Race 2

Position Driver (Nation) Time Laps
1 Ola Nilsson (SWE) 18:15.812 10
2 Dennis Trebing (USA) 18:17.074 10
3 Lukas Schreier (GER) 18:21.351 10
4 Berke Bayindir (TUR) 18:21.520 10
5 Moritz Oestreich (GER) 18:21.762 10
6 Fabian Danz (SUI) 18:21.969 10
7 Jakub Litwin (POL) 18:22.174 10
8 Kasper Jensen (DEN) 18:22.198 10
9 Rasmus Marthen (SWE) 18:22.570 10
10 Jonas Giesler (GER) 18:23.492 10
11 Adam Gladysz (POL) 18:26.170 10
12 Christofer Berckhan Ramirez (MEX) 18:27.622 10
13 Michelle Gatting (DEN) 18:31.902 10
14 Jann-Hendrik Ubben (GER) 18:33.706 10
15 Kenneth Kröpfl (GER) 18:36.222 10
16 Matthias Bäurle (GER) 18:36.476 10
17 Sepp Wiegand (GER) 18:38.040 10
18 Patrick Eisemann (GER) 18:39.848 10
19 Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky (SWE) 18:41.112 10
20 Jan-Frank Kasten (GER) 18:41.613 10
21 Manuel Fahnauer (GER) 16:41.070 9
Not classified Oshan Kothadiya (IND) 3:50.525 2


The narrow walls around the Norisring leave no room for error – as RTL expert Christian Danner also discovered. In the sixth event of the Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup around the infamous Nuremberg street circuit, the former Formula 1 driver kissed the wall and dropped out. In contrast, Ola Nilsson got to kiss the winner’s trophy: the Swede secured an impressive start-to-finish victory in the 285 hp Scirocco R and finished 0.47 seconds ahead of the Pole Adam Gladyz. Third place went to Nicola Larini, the 1993 DTM champion.

Larini lost a position at the start and had to let through Gladysz, who got off to a flying start. Together with Nilsson, the top trio were then involved in a thrilling pursuit against the backdrop of extreme track temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius. Behind them, the chasing pack entertained the spectators in the packed enclosures of the Norisring with numerous overtaking manoeuvres, playing their part in a highly successful event.

Football world champion Karl-Heinz Riedle finished in 20th place and subsequently spoke of the unbearable heat: ‘I’m pretty exhausted. It was at least 50 degrees Celsius in the car. It reminded me of the world cup in 1994 when we played South Korea in Dallas in temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius.’

Afterwards, Ola Nilsson commented: ‘That was a hard-fought win, because Adam Gladysz put me under quite a bit of pressure throughout the entire race. I couldn’t afford to make a mistake.’ It may not have worked out well for Christian Danner, but the RTL man was nonetheless happy: ‘The race itself was a great deal of fun and the fact that I unfortunately had to retire after kissing the wall can only lead to one conclusion: I will probably be driving again. In any case, I have got a taste for it once again. The Scirocco is agile, has a great chassis and handles superbly well.’


Norisring (GER) 29 June – 30 June 2012, Results

Position Driver (Nation) Time Laps
1 Ola Nilsson (SWE) 20:13.885 18
2 Adam Gladysz (POL) 20:14.359 18
3 Nicola Larini (ITA) 20:15.177 18
4 Kevin Abbring (NED) 20:15.849 18
5 Jonas Giesler (GER) 20:16.787 18
6 Jann-Hendrik Ubben (GER) 20:17.594 18
7 Moritz Oestreich (GER) 20:18.089 18
8 Kasper Jensen (DEN) 20:19.053 18
9 Berke Bayindir (TUR) 20:19.696 18
10 Jakub Litwin (POL) 20:20.496 18
11 Matthias Bäurle (GER) 20:21.470 18
12 Michelle Gatting (DEN) 20:21.885 18
13 Kenneth Kröpfl (GER) 20:23.593 18
14 Jan-Frank Kasten (GER) 20:24.451 18
15 Dennis Trebing (USA) 20:25.052 18
16 Pedro Lamy (POR) 20:26.274 18
17 Oshan Kothadiya (IND) 20:27.794 18
18 Patrick Eisemann (GER) 20:28.659 18
19 Manuel Fahnauer (GER) 20:29.481 18
20 Karl-Heinz Riedle (GER) 20:33.419 18
21 Christofer Berckhan Ramirez (MEX) 20:53.975 18
22 Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky (SWE) 20:55.518 18
Not classified Chistian Danner (GER) 10:21.223 10
Not classified Fabian Danz (SUI) 10:54.089 10



The rally aces were involved in a sensational pursuit around the Nürburgring: old hand Carlos Sainz raced from 22nd on the starting grid in the Eifel region to finish in eleventh place. Sébastien Ogier, who will be behind the wheel of the Polo R WRC for Volkswagen Motorsport in the 2013 World Rally Championship, drove from eighth position to finish fourth. In doing so, the Frenchman demonstrated his supreme driving skills in the Scirocco R as he shrugged off a clash with Pole Jakub Litwin as quick as lightning and raced back onto the track. Setting the pace at the head of the pack once again was Ola Nilsson, who went home from the Nürburgring with his sixth win in seven races in the Scirocco R-Cup. Kevin Abbring and Dennis Trebing finished second and third respectively.

‘That was a perfect racing weekend for me,’ said Ola Nilsson afterwards. ‘Even though I haven’t delivered my strongest racing performances at the Nürburgring in the past, this time everything went perfectly.’

Sébastien Ogier commented: ‘It was an action-packed race for me. I started the race in eighth position, but got badly bumped during the second lap and dropped back two or three places. After that, I went on the attack again and ended up in fourth place. It was a lot of fun being involved in so many battles and overtaking manoeuvres.’ The Finnish rally legends Markku Alén and Juha Kankkunen also had quite a bit of fun, finishing the spectacular race in 19th and 25th place respectively.

In the overall standings, Nilsson now occupied top spot with 350 points, ahead of Adam Gladysz on 218. The Swede now had the opportunity to sew things up in Oschersleben on the following race weekend (14 till 16 September) to secure the Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup title.

Nürburgring (GER) 17 August – 18 August 2012, Results

Position Driver (Nation) Time Laps
1 Ola Nilsson (SWE) 24:18.694 14
2 Kevin Abbring (NED) 24:19.962 14
3 Dennis Trebing (USA) 24:26.068 14
4 Sebastian Ogier (FRA) 24:38.205 14
5 Berke Bayindir (TUR) 24:40.351 14
6 Jann-Hendrik Ubben (GER) 24:41.323 14
7 Adam Gladysz (POL) 24:43.142 14
8 Michelle Gatting (DEN) 24:52.236 14
9 Lukas Schreier (GER) 24:54.965 14
10 Rasmus Marthen (SWE) 24:55.509 14
11 Carlos Sainz (ESP) 25:02.183 14
12 Kasper Jensen (DEN) 25:02.236 14
13 Matthias Bäurle (GER) 25:02.678 14
14 Fabian Danz (SUI) 25:03.937 14
15 Kenneth Kröpfl (GER) 25:04.299 14
16 Jonas Giesler (GER) 25:05.515 14
17 Patrick Eisemann (GER) 25:05.879 14
18 Manuel Fahnauer (GER) 25:07.112 14
19 Markku Alén (FIN) 25:07.726 14
20 Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky (SWE) 25:08.609 14
21 Jan-Frank Kasten (GER) 25:09.022 14
22 Zhang Da Sheng (CHN) 25:41.849 14
23 Oshan Kothadiya (IND) 25:53.732 13
24 Christofer Berckhan Ramirez (MEX) 21:25.678 12
25 Juha Kankkunen (FIN) 21:33.183 12
Not classified Jakub Litwin (POL) 17:07.341 9
Not classified Moritz Oestreich (GER) 12:19.693 7



If that isn’t the best birthday present, then what is? On his 25th birthday, Ola Nilsson celebrated winning the championship in the Volkswagen Scirocco R Cup! In a heart-stopping finale, the young Swede secured the title in the seventh race in Oschersleben. In the closest and most spectacular finish in the history of the Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup, the new champion only managed to escape the slipstream of Moritz Oestreich in the home straight. The third position on the podium was occupied by the Pole Adam Gladysz, giving him the best chance of finishing as runner-up with just two races of the season to go.

The motor sport legends experienced highs and lows during the race in Oschersleben. Finishing in 15th place was enough to secure victory in the Legends classification for former DTM star Klaus Niedzwiedz. Pierre-Henri Raphanel, currently the fastest driver of a series-production sports car in the world after setting a speed record of around 431 km/h in a Bugatti Veyron, occupied 17th place. For the 1986 DTM champion Kurt Thiim, however, the race was over by lap ten – he had to retire due to tyre damage. It has to be said, however, that the seasoned veterans of the racing series were involved in some spectacular battles from the very start.

Ola Nilsson was naturally in a state of euphoria following his title win: "Wow, what a race! That was the closest finish of my career. I am overjoyed to have won the championship in the Scirocco R-Cup on my birthday of all days. I got off to a bad start with far too much wheelspin on the front wheels. As a result, I had to let Moritz and Adam past. Moreover, naturally I didn’t want to risk the championship, because I was well aware that third place would be enough. My plan was to keep as many push-to-pass attempts as possible until the end. The fact that it actually worked in the final metres of the race is just unbelievable.’


Oschersleben (GER) 14 September – 16 September 2012, Results Race 1

Position Driver (Nation) Time Laps
1 Ola Nilsson (SWE) 24:09.164 14
2 Moritz Oestreich (GER) 24:09.185 14
3 Adam Gladysz (POL) 24:10.538 14
4 Dennis Trebing (USA) 24:11.200 14
5 Jakub Litwin (POL) 24:12.332 14
6 Kasper Jensen (DEN) 24:14.463 14
7 Jonas Giesler (GER) 24:14.481 14
8 Rasmus Marthen (SWE) 24:14.718 14
9 Jann-Hendrik Ubben (GER) 24:15.442 14
10 Michelle Gatting (DEN) 24:18.135 14
11 Berke Bayindir (TUR) 24:23.076 14
12 Fabian Danz (SUI) 24:25.559 14
13 Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky (SWE) 24:27.430 14
14 Manuel Fahnauer (GER) 24:27.737 14
15 Klaus Niedzwiedz (GER) 24:27.743 14
16 Christofer Berckhan Ramirez (MEX) 24:28.175 14
17 Pierre Henri Raphanel (FRA) 24:29.208 14
18 Lukas Schreier (GER) 24:31.913 14
19 Kenneth Kröpfl (GER) 24:36.380 14
20 Patrick Eisemann (GER) 24:36.551 14
21 Jan-Frank Kasten (GER) 24:40.530 14
22 Kurt Thiim (DEN) 20:47.250 10
Not classified Oshan Kothadiya (IND) 14:34.201 8

Oschersleben (GER) 14 September – 16 September 2012, Results Race 2

Position Driver (Nation) Time Laps
1 Rasmus Marthen (SWE) 24:05.874 14
2 Kasper Jensen (DEN) 24:06.420 14
3 Dennis Trebing (USA) 24:09.774 14
4 Moritz Oestreich (GER) 24:14.470 14
5 Ola Nilsson (SWE) 24:15.109 14
6 Jonas Giesler (GER) 24:15.902 14
7 Michelle Gatting (DEN 24:16.462 14
8 Jakub Litwin (POL) 24:17.392 14
9 Berke Bayindir (TUR) 24:21.333 14
10 Christofer Berckhan Ramirez (MEX) 24:21.511 14
11 Manuel Fahnauer (GER) 24:22.066 14
12 Fabian Danz (SUI) 24:22.932 14
13 Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky (SWE) 24:24.667 14
14 Jan-Frank Kasten (GER) 24:25.218 14
15 Jann-Hendrik Ubben (GER) 24:26.185 14
16 Adam Gladysz (POL) 24:28.432 14
17 Lukas Schreier (GER) 24:29.703 14
18 Oshan Kothadiya (IND) 24:30.822 14
19 Patrick Eisemann (GER) 24:31.521 14
20 Kenneth Kröpfl (GER) 24:35.774 14


He really should have had it all sewn up in Oschersleben, but Ola Nilsson wanted to take it all the way to the end: in the final race of the season in the Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup in Hockenheim, the reigning world champion of the most environmentally friendly one-make cup in the world secured an impressive start-to-finish victory. Nilsson, who masterfully defended his pole position from the very start, won eight out ten races in the 2012 season – a truly deserving champion.

It was all going on behind Nilsson: starting from second place on the grid, Kasper Jensen set off in hot pursuit of the leader. On the third lap, Adam Gładysz then moved up into second place and looked set to secure the title of runner-up ahead of Dennis Trebing. During the following laps, Gładysz experienced problems with locking wheels following a slight collision and was repeatedly overtaken. He finished ninth in the end – and the title of championship runner-up went to Trebing.

The five-time Le Mans winner Emanuele Pirro secured victory among the Legends by finishing in 13th place, ahead of former Formula 1 driver and RTL pundit Christian Danner in 15th place. Norbert Vettel finished in a respectable 23rd place – unscathed and with a beaming smile on his face. The father of the two-time Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel entered as a guest driver, the first time he had driven competitively since entering hill-climbing races 18 years ago in a Golf GTI. A grinning Vettel said that he no longer wanted to give his son any competition.


Hockenheim (GER) 19 October – 20 October 2012, Results

Position Driver (Nation) Time Laps
1 Ola Nilsson (SWE) 21:56.287 11
2 Kasper H. Jensen (DEN) 21:57.783 11
3 Berke Bayındır (TUR) 22:02.495 11
4 Moritz Oestreich (GER) 22:03.503 11
5 Dennis Trebing (USA) 22:04.576 11
6 Jonas Giesler (GER) 22:07.827 11
7 Christopher Berckhan Ramirez (MEX) 22:09.361 11
8 Michele Gatting (DEN) 22:10.132 11
9 Adam Gladysz (POL) 22:11.260 11
10 Jakub Litwin (POL) 22:11.827 11
11 Manuel Fahnauer (GER) 22:12.796 11
12 Jann-Hendrik Ubben (GER) 22:13.202 11
13 Emanuele Pirro (ITA) 22:15.996 11
14 Jan-Frank Kasten (GER) 22:22.772 11
15 Christian Danner (GER) 22:24.529 11
16 Oshan Kothadiya (IND) 22:25.386 11
17 Patrick Eisemann (GER) 22:25.639 11
18 Lukas Schreier (GER) 22:26.323 11
19 Matthias Bäurle (GER) 22:28.420 11
20 Michael Bräutigam (GER) 22:29.259 11
21 Kenneth Kröpfl (GER) 22:30.487 11
22 James Walker (GBR) 22:32.124 11
23 Norbert Vettel (GER) 22:39.489 11
Not classified Yin Hai Tao (CHN) - 5
Not classified Frank Biela (GER) - 5
Not classified Fabian Danz (SUI) - 3
Not classified Mikkaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky (SWE) - 3
Not classified Markus Winkelhock (GER) - 3

Final standings

Season 2012, Overall classification

Position Driver (Nation) Points
1 Ola Nilsson (SWE) 502
2 Dennis Trebing (USA) 303
3 Kasper H. Jensen (DEN) 298
4 Adam Gładysz (POL) 292
5 Berke Bayındır (TUR) 268
6 Jonas Giesler (GER) 250
7 Moritz Oestreich (GER) 250
8 Jann-Hendrik Ubben (GER) 234
9 Jakub Litwin (POL) 225
10 Rasmus Mårthen (SWE) 188
11 Michelle Gatting (DEN) 183
12 Fabian Danz (SUI) 162
13 Christofer Berckhan (MEX) 160
14 Lukas Schreier (GER) 130
15 Manuel Fahnauer (GER) 118
16 Kennneth Kröpfl (GER) 105
17 Jan-Frank Kasten (GER) 87
18 Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky (SWE) 82
19 Matthias Bäurle (GER) 82
20 Oshan Kothadiya (IND) 76
21 Patrick Eisemann (GER) 72