Absolute equal opportunities. Absolute excitement.


Thrilling racing action during the DTM racing weekend, a mix of young talent, experienced motor sport legends and celebrity guest racers – and all using environmentally friendly technology. This was the Scirocco R-Cup!


Skill is the decisive factor.

The supreme maxim was absolute equal opportunities – that applied to the Scirocco R-Cup in the same way that it applied to its predecessors in the long tradition of Volkswagen Cups. Only the steering wheel and seat position were variable; otherwise, only the front stabiliser and the air pressure in the tyres could be adjusted. 


Push to pass!

The innovative push-to-pass system made things even more exciting. At the touch of a button located on the steering wheel, the drivers were able to use this system to increase the charging pressure of the turbocharged Scirocco engine and raise the output by 50 hp. All cars had a display in the rear side window and a blue signal light in the front windscreen so that other drivers could keep track of how often a driver had used the push-to-pass button. This system offered the drivers numerous tactical options – and the onlookers spectacular motor sport action with thrilling manoeuvres.


Learning from the legends.

Motor sport legends who had previously been successful in Formula 1, the DTM or Le Mans regularly lined up at the start, as do other celebrities, providing additional highlights on the racing track. The young racing drivers benefitted directly from doing battle with the experienced old hands.


Green heart.

The Volkswagen Cup Scirocco is one of the most environmentally friendly racing cars in the world. Its two-litre turbo engine is based on the sports version of the production model – the Volkswagen Scirocco R. The real highlight is the fact that the engine, which has been optimised for racing sport, is powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). As such, it has been possible to reduce carbon emissions by 80 per cent, but the Cup Scirocco is nonetheless still capable of up to 285 hp when racing – more than enough for dynamic manoeuvring and a not inconsiderable amount of speed.