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Triple defender.

Volkswagen Motorsport wins all three World Rally Championship titles again.

World champion facts.

Volkswagen Motorsport once again making it the world champion in the team, driver and co-driver categories. A special on the facts of this success.


World champions in the manufacturers’ standings after ten out of the 13 rallies. The team championship title has only been clinched earlier in the season once in the history of the WRC: Lancia claimed the crown after just six out of ten events in the 1989 season. Here are a few highlights of the past quarter of a century: 1989: Fall of the Berlin Wall.
1990: Germany wins the World Cup in Italy.
1994: Michael Schumacher becomes the first German Formula 1 world champion.
2000: The EXPO 2000 world fair opens in Hanover.
2002: Jari-Matti Latvala competes in his first WRC rally in the UK.
2006: Andreas Mikkelsen competes in his first WRC rally in the UK.
2008: Sébastien Ogier competes in his first WRC rally in the UK.
2011: Volkswagen Motorsport announces it is to join the WRC in the 2013 season.
2012: Volkswagen Motorsport presents the Polo WRC and its three driver/co-driver teams.
2013: Volkswagen Motorsport wins all three championship titles in its first year of competing in the WRC.
2014: Volkswagen Motorsport achieves the earliest championship title defence for 25 years.
25 years

The long-distance runner.

It just keeps going – the Polo R WRC is a textbook example of reliability. As was the case last year, it didn’t suffer a single case of engine trouble in 2014. Here are some more Polo R WRC success figures.

Team travel around the world.

The Volkswagen Motorsport team travels more than 100,000 kilometres over the course of a season. For comparison purposes, the earth’s circumference is 40,075 kilometres. So why go to such great lengths? To make sure the team always has professional conditions wherever it is. The service park facts show how things can get stressful at the rally venues too.
work and travel

Global success.

14 countries, 13 wins – since January 2013, Volkswagen Motorsport has won a rally in every WRC host country with the exception of Rally Germany. So far this year, it has already won in Monaco, Sweden, Mexico, Portugal, Argentina, Italy, Poland, Finland, Australia, France and Great Britain.
global player


Volkswagen Motorsport has almost 50,000 fans following it on Twitter. There have been some 3,000 tweets so far this season, and since January 2013 there have been more than 5,700.

hot-air balloons

Plenty of pick-me-ups.

Believe it or not, the Volkswagen Motorsport team and its guests drink around 240 litres of coffee per rally. The team sponsor Red Bull certainly gives them wings too: approximately 1,400 cans of the energy drink are consumed at each rally.

The world(wide) champion team.

Rally drivers from France, mechanics from New Zealand and a driver coordinator from Belgium – the Volkswagen Motorsport team members hail from 20 different nations. In addition to the above, there are individuals from Australia, England, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.
the team