British Formula 3 Championship

Casting show for future Formula 1 stars.

What a list of names! Jacky Stewart. Emerson Fittipaldi. Ayrton Senna. Mika Häkkinen. Rubens Barrichello. A unique gallery of motor sport ancestors. All these great racing legends battled it out here at the beginning of their unique careers. Even the names of the winners in recent years were enough to get the eyes of racing sport fans sparkling: Jaime Alguersuari won the series in 2008, Daniel Ricciardo took over in 2009, and Jean-Eric Vergne jumped onto the top spot of the podium in 2010. All for Volkswagen.

Very British. Very Volkswagen.

Just like the German ATS Formula 3 Cup, the British Formula 3 Championship – in terms of the name at least – tended to have rather a national focus. Without exception, the list of racing tracks featured British classics: Oulton Park, Rockingham, Brands Hatch, Snetterton, Silverstone and Donington Park. On top of that, the young racers participated in a few away fixtures in Monza, Pau, Spa and at the Norisring. That toughened them up. After a long break, Volkswagen competed in the traditional series once again in 2009 – and had won every driver’s title since. Since its comeback, Volkswagen drivers in Great Britain had notched up an impressive 53 wins in 80 races. By the end of the 2014 season, the British Formula 3 Championship was abandoned. Find the season reviews from 2014 to 2010 here.


A season of highs and lows.

The Chinese driver Li Zhi Cong, who drives for the Carlin team ‘powered by Volkswagen’, ended the 2014 season of the British Formula 3 Championship in a solid fifth place overall, with 118 points. In a gripping final event, the championship title was clinched by Hong Wie ‘Martin’ Cao of China (Fortec) on 285 points, ahead of his British teammate Matt Rao on 283.

Volkswagen drivers swept the board at the long-standing race in Spa-Francorchamps. Ed Jones (UAE), who was powered by Volkswagen, took all three of his possible race wins in the classic event held in the Ardennes region, while his Carlin Motorsport teammate Sean Gelael (INA), who, like Jones, was a guest entrant, likewise made it onto the podium three times in races ten to twelve – finishing in second place twice and taking third place once.

Final standings

Position Driver (Nation) Vehicle Points
1. Martin Cao Dallara F312 Mercedes 285
2. Matt Rao Dallara F312 Mercedes 283
3. Camren Kaminsky Dallara F312 Mercedes 161
4. Sam MacLeod Dallara F312 Mercedes 121
5. Li Zhi Cong Dallara F312 Volkswagen 118
6. Andy Chang Dallara F312 Mercedes 103
7. Max Marshall Dallara F312 Mercedes 93
8. Marvin Kirchhöfer Dallara F312 Mercedes 54
9. John Bryant-Meisner Dallara F310 Volkswagen 53
10 Dan Wells Dallara F312 Mercedes 41
11. Roberto Mehri Dallara F312 Mercedes 39
12 Egor Orudzhev Dallara F312 Volkswagen 26
13. Indy Dontje Dallara F312 Volkswagen 23
14. Nabil Jeffri Dallara F312 Volkswagen 18
15. Alice Powell Dallara F312 Volkswagen 16
16. Nikita Zlobin Dallara F312 Volkswagen 6
17. Ling Kang Dallara F312 Volkswagen 5
18. Ed Jones Dallara F312 Volkswagen  
19. Santino Ferrucci Dallara F312 Mercedes  
20. Sean Gelael Dallara F312 Volkswagen  


Jordan is the king.

“When I was involved in karting, I used to see drivers like Alguersuari and Vergne in the British Formula 3 series. I really couldn’t imagine being a part of it myself one day – but here I now am with the championship title,” said an overjoyed Jordan King, who is the new champion in the British Formula 3 series. The 19-year-old Brit who races for Carlin clinched the championship title with a double victory on the last weekend of racing at the Nürburgring. As a result, he is the fifth consecutive driver “powered by Volkswagen” to have won the event.

Chasing down points
After the guest entrant John Bryant-Meisner won the opening race, King got into his stride more and more as the season progressed and demonstrated his class: he consistently performed well and continued to pick up valuable points with wins in Spa-Francorchamps and at the Nürburgring, and also at Brands Hatch and Silverstone.

A springboard into Formula 1
For more than 60 years now, the series has served as a talent factory for future Formula 1 world champions. The Brazilian Ayrton Senna is just one of the legends who started their careers here. To date, 13 former British Formula 3 drivers have won a total of 22 Formula 1 world champion titles.

Final standings

Position Driver (Nation) Vehicle Points
1 Jordan King (GB) Dallara F312 Volkswagen 176
2 Antonia Giovinazzi (I) Dallara F312 Mercedes-Benz 135
3 William Buller (GB) Dallara F312 Mercedes-Benz 134
4 Felipe Guimaraaes (BR) Dallara F312 Mercedes-Benz 109
5 Nicolas Latifi (CDN) Dallara F312 Volkswagen 97
6 Jan Mardenborough (GB) Dallara F312 Volkswagen 85
7 Tatiana Calderon (CO) Dallara F312 Mercedes-Benz 79
8 Sean Gelael (RI) Dallara F312 Mercedes-Benz 78
9 Jazeman Jafaar (MAL) Dallara F312 Volkswagen 58
10 Alfonso Celis (MEX) Dallara F312 Mercedes-Benz 15
11 Felix Seralles (PR) Dallara F312 Mercedes-Benz 15
12 Spike Goddard (AUS) Dallara F311 Mugen Honda 35
13 Zhi Cong Li (CN) Dallara F312 Volkswagen 7


It takes nerves of steel:<br>a British thriller with a heart-stopping finale.

Nineteen-year-old Jack Harvey has two things in common with three-time Formula 1 world champion Jackie Stewart: both are passionate clay pigeon shooters and both have won the British Formula 3 Championship. Even though he is still a young man, Harvey proved once again in the season finale that he is a real tough cookie. Two controversial time penalties during the penultimate race in Silverstone relegated him to third place in the championship. He lined up on the starting grid of the Donington Park circuit on the final day of the championship 23 points behind Jazeman Jaafar from Malaysia. What followed was a fantastic catch-up race: with two victories, an ice-cool Harvey secured the title after all in the Dallara Volkswagen.

Quick change

The season had started promisingly for Jack Harvey with pole position and a win in the first race at Oulton Park, but his rivals didn’t give him the chance to notch up a series of wins: eight drivers took turns to occupy the top position on the podium and the overall leader changed a total of 14 times. Felix Serrales, Carlos Sainz Jr and Jazeman Jaafer came very close to securing the title, but in the end the man with probably the steeliest nerves of all triumphed: Jack Harvey.

Final standings

Position Driver / Nation Vehicle Points
1 Jack Harvey / GBR Dallara F312 Volkswagen 319
2 Jazeman Jaafar / MAS Dallara F312 Volkswagen 306
3 Felix Serralles / PUR Dallara F312 Mercedes HWA 299
4 Alex Lynn / GBR Dallara F312 Mercedes HWA 253
5 Harry Tincknell / GBR Dallara F312 Volkswagen 226
6 Carlos Sainz / ESP Dallara F312 Volkswagen 224
7 Pietro Fantin / BRA Dallara F312 Volkswagen 195
8 Pipo Derani / BRA Dallara F312 Mercedes HWA 146
9 Hannes van Asseldonk / NED Dallara F312 Mercedes HWA 132
10 Nick McBride / AUS Dallara F312 ThreeBond Nissan 85
11 Fahmi Ilyas / MAS Dallara F311 Mercedes HWA 48
12 Geoff Uhrhane / AUS Dallara F312 Mercedes HWA 35
13 Rupert Svendsen-Cook / GBR Dallara F312 Mercedes HWA 24


Six in the top ten.

Final standings

Position Driver / Nation Vehicle Points
1 Felipe Nasr / BRA Dallara F308 Volkswagen 318
2 Kevin Magnussen / DEN Dallara F308 Volkswagen 237
3 Carlos Huertas / COL Dallara F308 Volkswagen 222
4 William Buller / GBR Dallara F311 Mercedes HWA 197
5 Rupert Svendsen-Cook/ GBR Dallara F308 Volkswagen 191
6 Jazeman Jaafar / MAS Dallara F308 Volkswagen 187
7 Lucas Foresti / BRA Dallara F311 Mercedes HWA 170
8 Pietro Fantin / BRA Dallara F308 Volkswagen 119
9 Jack Harvey / GBR Dallara F308 Volkswagen 112
10 Scott Pye / AUS Dallara F308 Mercedes HWA 81
11 Harry Tincknell / GBR Dallara F311 Mercedes HWA 78
12 Antonio Felix da Costa / POR Dallara F310 Volkswagen 51
12 Riki Christodoulou / GBR Dallara F310 Volkswagen 51
14 Menasheh Idafar / BRN Dallara F311 Volkswagen 48
15 Pipo Derani / BRA Dallara F308 Mercedes HWA 36
16 Hywel Lloyd / GBR Dallara F308 Mercedes HWA 34
17 Alexander Sims / GBR Dallara F308 Volkswagen 17
17 Valtteri Bottas / FIN Dallara F308 Mercedes HWA 17
19 Mitch Evans / NZL Dallara F308 Mercedes HWA 10
19 Pedro Nunes / BRA Dallara F308 Volkswagen 10
21 Fahmi Ilyas / MAS Dallara F311 Mercedes HWA 7
22 Adderly Fong / CHN Dallara F308 Mercedes HWA 5
22 Bart Hylkema / NED Dallara F311 Volkswagen / Dallara F307 Mugen-Honda 5
24 Max Snegirec / RUS Dallara F310 Volkswagen / Dallara F308 Volkswagen 2
25 Bruno Mendez / ESP Dallara F308 Volkswagen 1
26 Carlos Munoz / COL Dallara F308 Volkswagen  
26 Daniel Abt / GER Dallara F308 Volkswagen  
26 Daniel Juncadella / ESP Dallara F309 Mercedes HWA  
26 Hannes van Asseldonk / NED Dallara F308 Volkswagen  
26 Laurens Vanthoor / BEL Dallara F309 Volkswagen  
26 Marco Wittmann / GER Dallara F308 Volkswagen  
26 Marko Asmer / EST Dallara F308 Mercedes HWA  
26 Raffaele Marciello / ITA Dallara F308 Mercedes HWA  
26 Roberto Merhi / ESP Dallara F308 Mercedes HWA  
26 Yann Cunha / BRA Dallara F311 Volkswagen  


A new star is born: Jean-Eric Vergne.

Final standings

Position Driver / Nation Vehicle Points
1 Jean-Eric Vergne / Frau Dallara F308 Volkswagen 392
2 James Calado / GBR Dallara F308 Volkswagen 293
3 Oli Webb / GBR Dallara F308 AMG Mercedes 250
4 Adriano Buzaid / BRA Dallara F308 Volkswagen 238
5 Felipe Nasr / BRA Dallara F308 AMG Mercedes 136
6 Gabriel Dias / BRA Dallara F308 Volkswagen 135
7 Rupert Svendsen-Cook / GBR Dallara F308 Volkswagen 131
8 William Buller / GBR Dallara F308 Volkswagen 111
9 Daniel McKenzie / GBR Dallara F308 AMG Mercedes 109
10 Carlos Huertas / COL Dallara F308 AMG Mercedes 104
11 Daisuke Nakajima / JPN Dallara F308 AMG Mercedes 97
12 Jazeman Jaafar / MAS Dallara F308 Volkswagen 85
13 Lucas Foresti / BRA Dallara F308 Volkswagen 45
14 Jay Bridger / GBR Dallara F308 AMG Mercedes 37
15 Hywel Lloyd / GBR Dallara F308 AMG Mercedes 23
16 Adderly Fong / CHN Dallara F308 AMG Mercedes 12
17 Alex Brundle / GBR Dallara F308 Volkswagen 11
18 Max Snegirev / RUS Dallara F308 AMG Mercedes 1
19 Wayne Boyd / GBR Dallara F308 AMG Mercedes