2014 Season

Final Standings

Drivers’ Championship

After twelve of twelve runs

Position Driver Car     Points
1. Petter Solberg Citroën DS3     267
2. Toomas Heikkinen Volkswagen Polo     221
3. Reinis Nitiss Ford Fiesta     210
4. Timmy Hansen Peugeot 208     199
5. Andreas Bakkerud Ford Fiesta     193
6. Anton Marklund Volkswagen Polo     173
7. Timur Timerzyanov Peugeot 208     152
8. Pontus Tidemand Audi S1     84
9. Robin Larsson Audi S1     76
10. Mattias Ekström Audi S1     55
10. Henning Solberg Citroën DS3     55
12. Andy Scott Peugeot 208     46
13. Tanner Foust Volkswagen Polo     42
14. Derek Tohill Citroën DS3     35
15. Johan Kristoffersson Volkswagen Polo     33
16. Ken Block Ford Fiesta     32
17. Jérôme Grosset-Janin Renault Clio     27
17. Davy Jeanney Peugeot 208     27
19. Richard Göransson Ford Fiesta     26
20. Peter Hedström Skoda Fabia     24
20. Daniel Holten Ford Fiesta     24
22. Kevin Eriksson Ford Fiesta     20
22. Sebastian Eriksson Ford Fiesta     20
24. Krzysztof Skorupski Citroën DS3     19
25. Andrew Jordan Ford Fiesta     17
25. Koen Pauwels Ford Focus     17
27. Tommy Rustad Volvo C30     14
27. Emil Öhman Citroën DS3     14
27. Alexander Hvaal Citroën DS3     14
30. Joni-Pekka Rajala Skoda Fabia     13
30. Joni Wiman Ford Fiesta     13
30. Patrick Carpentier Volkswagen Polo     13
33. Jos Jansen Ford Focus     12
34. Edward Sandström Audi S1     9
34. Manfred Stohl Citroën DS3     9
34. Gigi Galli Ford Fiesta     9
37. Ramona Karlsson Saab 9-3     8
37. PG Andersson Skoda Fabia     8
37. Miguel Baldoni Skoda Fabia     8
37. Oliie O'Donovan Peugeot 208     8
37. Jacques Villeneuve Peugeot 208     8
42. Frode Holte Ford Focus     7
42. Gaetan Serazin Peugeot 208     7
42. Sverre Isachsen Subaru     7
45. Fabian Pailler Peugeot 208     5
46. Bohdan Ludwiczak Ford Fiesta     3
46. Alexandre Theuil Citroën DS3     3
46. Lukas Walfridson Renault Clio     3
46. Joaquim Santos Ford Focus     3
46. Marc Scott Peugeot 208     3
51. Lars Oivind Enerberg Citroën DS3     2
51. Jean-Baptiste Dubourg Citroën C4     2
51. Liam Doran Citroën DS3     2
51. Aki Karttunen Skoda Fabia     2
55 Francois Duval Volkswagen Polo     1
55. Christophe Wilt Citroën C4     1
55. Eric Faren Citroën DS3     1

Manufacturers’ Championship

After twelve of twelve runs

Position Team       Points
1. Ford Olsbergs MSE       403
2. Volkswagen Marklund Motorsport       394
3. Peugeot-Hansen       351
4. PSRX       261
5. Monster Energy World RX Team       76
6. Albatec Racing       61

San Luis (Argentina), 01.12.2014

Intercity Istanbul Park (Turkey), 13.10.2014

Friancacorta International Circuit (Italy), 29.09.2014

Estering (Gemany), 22.09.2014

Lohéac (France), 08.09.2014

Grand Prix des Trois-Rivieres (Canada), 11.08.2014

Mettet (Belgium), 14.07.2014

Höljes (Sweden), 07.07.2014

The final narrowly missed out.

Toomas Heikkinen (FIN) narrowly missed out on the final at the fifth event of the FIA World Rallycross Championship in Höljes (S). The 23-year old took fourth place in the Volkswagen Polo RX Supercar in the semi-final; third position would have been enough for the Team Marklund Motorsport driver to qualify for the final race.


Team-mate Anton Marklund likewise missed out on reaching the semi-final by a very narrow margin. One victory, two second-place finishes and a breakdown in the heats was not enough to qualify for the final as one of the fastest six drivers. Heikkinen is still in fourth place on 88 points in the world championship standings and Marklund in fifth on 64 points.

Kouvola (Finland), 30.06.2014

Tanner pays a visit.

A speedy visitor from the Global Rallycross Championship series: Tanner Foust (USA), who is otherwise involved in the GRC in the US with the Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross team, got behind the wheel of the Polo RX Supercar belonging to the Swedish team Marklund to compete in the FIA WRX event in Kouvola, Finland – and promptly won the race. Foust pipped Andreas Bakkerud (N/Ford) to the post in the final on the approximately one-kilometre track in southern Finland, giving Marklund its first win of the season.


His teammate Anton Marklund (S) came second in the semi-final, behind Foust, and was the fifth to cross the finishing line in the final. The Swede therefore replicated his best result of the season so far. Meanwhile, Toomas ‘Topi’ Heikkinen (FIN), the third Marklund driver to compete in Kouvola, failed to make it into the final. Nonetheless, Heikkinen is still the strongest driver overall in the Marklund Motorsport team, as he is ranked fourth overall with 74 points. Marklund and Foust are in fifth and eighth place, on 61 and 42 points respectively.

Hell (Norwegen), 16.06.2014

Vital points for Heikkinen and Marklund.

Global Rallycross champion Toomas “Topi” Heikkinen (FIN) and team-mate Anton Marklund (S) narrowly missed out on the final featuring the best six drivers at the third event of the FIA World Rallycross Championship, but they did strengthen their positions in the overall classification. The two Marklund Motorsport drivers both finished fourth in their respective semi-final runs in Hell, Norway, where third place would have been enough for a place in the final. Two Volkswagen RX Supercars made it to the semi-finals for the third time in a row. The two drivers therefore picked up valuable points in the overall classification.


Overall leader is Latvian Reinis Nittis (72 points), who took victory in Hell. Petter Solberg (69 points) is second, Volkswagen driver Heikkinen lies in a promising third place on 60 points.


Lydden Hill (Great Britain), 26.05.2014

Montalegre (Portugal), 05.05.2014